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  Excel Password Remover PRO
Excel Password Remover PRO

FREE Excel Password Remover

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This program removes the password protection applied by the "Protect sheet" and "Protect workbook" commands in Excel (i.e. enables you to edit the workbook even if you have forgotten your password). It will remove passwords of any length, also passwords containing special characters.

NB! This program can't remove file protection, i.e. if you are unable to open the file, this program won't help you. You could try Excel Key to remove file protection. If you need to crack the VBA-password try this one.

The PRO version has the same functionality as the FREE Excel Password Remover, plus:

  • The password is displayed (a password that works, but most probably not the original one)
  • One command removal of all sheet and workbook protection passwords in the active workbook
  • No annoying pop-up when you start Excel with the password remover
  • No expiration date. (The free version must be upgraded at the end of each year)
  • Removal of sharing password (on demand only)

The PRO version costs $25. The PRO 2010/2007 version costs $26. The prototype version for Excel 2011 on Mac costs $24

Instant download of Excel Password Remover PRO 2010

Instant download of Excel Password Remover PRO 2003

Instant download of Excel Password Remover for Excel 2011 on Mac (prototype)

Excel Password remover PRO 2010/2007 works in Excel 2010 and Excel 2007
Excel Password remover PRO 2003 works in Excel versions 5.0 through 2003 (including Excel 5.0, 7.0/95, 97, 2000, XP and 2003)

Automatic forwarding to the download pages occasionally fails for some users, wait a minute or two after purchase and you will receive an email with the download link. Check your spam folder if it's not in your Inbox.



 Author: Einar Ståle Huse


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