Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m asked for a password when I try to open my workbook, what do I do?
A: If you are prompted for a password when you open the workbook, my program can’t help you with that. Check out Excel Key or instant password recovery.

Q: Which passwords does your program remove?
A: My program removes the passwords applied by “Tools”-“Protection”-“Protect sheet”/”Protect workbook”

Q: How do I completely remove the Excel Password Remover?
A: 1. Delete password*.xla* from your computer (Use search function if you don’t remeber where you saved it)
2. Check/uncheck “Excel Password Remover” in “Add-ins..” if you have installed it
3. If menus still present, right-click on them and choose “Delete”

Q: I need a password to access the VBA code, can it be removed?
A: Solution here: VBA Password Reset.