Privacy information

What information is saved?
When you make a purchase, the following information is registered:
Email address
Name (if provided)
Address (if provided)
Purchased product, quantity and price paid
Paypal transaction ID
Purchase date
IP address of customer (if available)

No credit card information is saved, as payments are handled by Paypal.

Why is the information saved
Personal information is saved for customer administration.
Only registered customers will receive help for trouble shooting.
To give information about new products and offers if you have accepted this.
IP address is only used in connection with charge-back claims with the credit card company to detect possible fraud.

What information is shared with others?
No information is shared with others.

Do you want to be removed from the customer database?
If you want to be removed from the customer database, just press this link and send an email. If your current email differs from the registered email, include the email address used for purchase in the subject field. If you are removed from the customer database, no further assistance will be provided if you have problems using the software.